Music Interviews

Conversations with the performers, the conductors, the composers and other people instrumental in creating today's live and recorded classical music. 

Tom Salta has decades of experience composing music for video games, including Killer Instinct Season 3, Halo The Fall of ReachTom Clancy's Ghost Recon and dozens of other scores. Recently he embarked on a new project to share the expertise he's gained over the years with his Masterclass series of courses that explore the challenges of writing music for games. He says it's his way of giving back  and helping aspiring game composers.

Riot Games

League of Legends Wild Rift brings the excitement of Riot Games' long-running Multi Player Online Battle Arena to mobile platforms. The game feels huge though, and composer Bendon Williams supported that big  scale with his epic soundtrack.

Brendon says his mission with the soundtrack was to incorporate the beloved themes players of League of Legends have come to know over the years, while taking them somewhere new as well.

During the pandemic, the Stamford Symphony Orchestra created an imaginative season of concerts that featured soloists as well as sections of the orchestra. Their season wraps up on Saturday, May 8, with a live streamed performance! Kate Remington talks with Music Director and conductor Michael Stern about how this live finale for the season came together.

This past season has been unusual for many performing ensembles, including the Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestras, which chose not one, but two winners of its concerto competition. Kate talks with the two winners: Henry Friedman, french horn, and Jack Campbell, cello, and the Music Director of the GCTYO, Christopher Hisey.