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Connecticut And Long Island Clean Up After Isaias

Connecticut and Long Island are recovering after Tropical Storm Isaias slammed into the region. The winds, which reached up to 80 miles-per-hour, knocked down trees and took down power lines. In Connecticut, a 66-year-old Naugatuck man was killed when he was struck by a falling tree.

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Knights Of Columbus Founder Michael McGivney To Be Beatified In Hartford

The Connecticut priest who founded the Knights of Columbus will be beatified in Hartford in October.

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New Zoning Laws Can Help Desegregate Connecticut

While protestors took to the streets to demand racial justice in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, a group of lawyers and land use experts discussed how they could help Connecticut be a better place for all to live.

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The Connecticut priest who founded the Knights of Columbus will be beatified in Hartford in October.


Isaias Says Hello

20 hours ago
Tony Dejak / Associated Press

Isaias’s impact on Long Island. Also Connecticut lawmaker reassures absentee voters, while New York lawmakers review Cuomo’s nursing home policy

Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will announce later this week on what terms that schools can reopen during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But he put the responsibility for the details back on schools Monday, saying they need to better respond to the concerns of parents.

Davis Dunavin / WSHU Public Radio

Food pantries in Connecticut say they’ve faced more demand due to Covid-19.  They’re asking congress to restore unemployment benefits that expired last week.

Kevin Dietsch/Pool via UPI / Associated Press

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease says Connecticut's low COVID-19 infection rate should encourage the reopening of schools.

Keith SraKocic / Associated Press

Cuomo tells schools to make parents feel safe. Also, teenagers spread COVID at parties, and Tropical Storm Isaias looms.

Miss international travel? Why not recreate the experience in the comfort of your own home with some airplane food?

A leading airline food company in Israel is offering its in-flight meals to the general public as a low-cost delivery option during the pandemic.

Tamam Kitchen, which services Israel's El Al airlines, Turkish Airlines and other international carriers flying out of Tel Aviv, piloted the idea in late July as a way to stay in business.

Federal Judge Esther Salas says more must be done to keep judges and their families safe after an attack on her home in New Jersey last month left her son dead and her husband wounded.

"My son's death cannot be in vain," Salas said in an emotional nine-minute video released Monday. "Which is why I'm begging those in power to do something to help my brothers and sisters on the bench."


It's hard to believe that the hole President Trump dug for himself could get deeper, but it has.

Xenophobia In Our Backyard

Aug 2, 2020
Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

How do ethnic communities in our region become targets of xenophobia?  Today on The Full Story we consider two examples of how this happens in our region.   First, up is WSHU’s series, The Virus of Hate.  Reporter Cassandra Basler reports on how attacks against Asians in the US rose as the coronavirus spread.


Discussing Racial Injustice

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