Kate Remington

Joy Manufacturing Co

Paris, 1789: A young woman arrives in town at the invitation of her beloved, only to discover that he's missing and talk of revolution is swirling through the fashionable salons. In Ambition: A Minuet in Power, created by Joy Manufacturing Co., Yvette relies on her wiles to glean juicy gossip and use it to make connections to upgrade her social status. Composer John Robert Matz has created a pitch-perfect 18th Century soundtrack to accompany all the intrigue and tension of this remarkable era.

Fallen Flag Studio

Eldest Souls, the first release from Fallen Flag Studio, is a brutally difficult challenge, as the last in a long line of would-be heroes tries to conquer a seemingly never-ending stream of enemies in order to restore balance to the world. Composer Sergio Ronchetti's first-ever game score is up to the challenge, with an artful blend of strings and percussion that perfectly matches each boss. Sergio says he's pretty sure he got the job because he was able to beat one of the impossible bosses at an early demo of the game.


Samuel Antek was in the first violin section of the famed NBC Symphony Orchestra, created especially for superstar conductor Arturo Toscanini.  His account of what it was like to work with Toscanini is unique; one of the only memoirs from a member of the orchestra. Samuel's daughter Lucy Antek Johnson, a resident of Westport, Connecticut, has added her own memories of growing up with her father's stories of Toscanini, and published them in a new edition: This Was Toscanini: The Maestro, My Father and Me. 

As part of this summer's Game Developers Conference, composers and audio designers Gina Zdanowicz and Spencer Bambrick of Serial Lab Sound presented a session on how they created a terrifying soundtrack and audio for the cult hit game Evil Nun on a microscopic budget.

Because their budget was so small, Gina and Spencer whittled down their ideas to make use of a limited number of musicians, and Gina roped in her nephew to provide the sound of breathing as the player is being hunted throughout a school by the Evil Nun of the title.

Rock Star Games

Grammy Award-winning songwriter, musician, producer and engineer David Ferguson is a Nashville Legend. When long-time friend and fellow musician Matt Sweeney asked him to collaborate to create some of the rough-hewn music that accompanies players in Rock Star Games' Red Dead Redemption 2, he didn't hesitate because he thought it would be a great new experience. David rounded up a fantastic group of Bluegrass musicians who recorded their performances mostly by improvising.