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John Robert Matz's 18th Century Music Masterpiece For 'Ambition: A Minuet In Power'

Joy Manufacturing Co

Paris, 1789: A young woman arrives in town at the invitation of her beloved, only to discover that he's missing and talk of revolution is swirling through the fashionable salons. In Ambition: A Minuet in Power, created by Joy Manufacturing Co., Yvette relies on her wiles to glean juicy gossip and use it to make connections to upgrade her social status. Composer John Robert Matz has created a pitch-perfect 18th Century soundtrack to accompany all the intrigue and tension of this remarkable era.

John Robert approached writing this ambitious soundtrack by composing it in a traditional way, using an actual manuscript-based program so he could make sure all the parts were correct and the instrumention was period-perfect. He relied on his background as a classical musician, and all those years in the brass section of various orchestras.


John Robert wrote the parts for many of his long-time friends, including the Videri String Quartet, oboist Kristin Naigus, Peter Bobinski, double bass, and dozens of others.  The soundtrack is available on his Bandcamp page

Episode tracklist: 

All tracks composed by John Robert Matz; performed by an ensemble of over 30 singers and musicians

Ambition: A Minuet in Power: Paris Map; Suite Bourgeoisie, Scherzo; Suite Royale: Badinage; Suite Revolutionaire: Gailliard; Suite Militaire: Entry and March; Suite Vaticana: Passacaglia; Arrival in Paris; The Royal Painter; Cafe Principe; Yvette's Theme; The Curtain Falls; ...So Much More

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Thanks to Dick Roberts for production assistance.

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