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Johnny Galvatron's 'The Artful Escape' Is A Voyage Of Discovery

The Artful Escape
Annapurna Interactive

Imagine you're the nephew of a legendary folk music icon, about to perform your first concert. Only thing is, you're really not sure you want to follow the path that seems set out for you. That's the dilemma young Francis Vendetti faces in Johnny Galvatron's visionary game, The Artful Escape. Johnny Galvatron is a true Australian rock star, signed by a label and off on a tour before he finished university. The Artful Escape is his way of reconnecting with a side of music he didn't get a chance to explore earlier. 

Using stunning visuals and smoking hot guitar shredding, Francis Vendetti's encounter with intergalactic rock legend Lightman takes him on a journey to discover who he's not. Johnny built a small studio, Beethoven Dinosaur, to make the game just for iPad, but interest from publisher Annapurna Interactive pushed the scope of the game much bigger, with releases on consoles and world-class voice acting talent.


Now that he's got a first release under his belt, Johnny and the rest of the Beethoven Dinosaur team are already hard at work on another game.

Episode tracklist: 

all tracks composer by Johnny Galvatron and Josh Abrahams

The Artful Escape: Darkest Hour Theme; The City of Glimmer; Helio Tromms Theme; Folk Sci-Fi Bedroom, F Major Hyperion Wail Zone; Ode to Lightman; The Banks of the River are Lined with Gold

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