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Peter McConnell: Writing The Music For 'Psychonauts 2' Was 'The Opportunity Of A Lifetime'

Double Fine
Top Dollar PR

Fourteen years after Tim Shafer's Double Fine Productions released the quirky Psychonauts, composer Peter McConnell had a chance to expand on the themes and musical ideas he concieved for the orignal game. He describes the chance to work on Psychonauts 2 as "the opportunity of a lifetime!"

As Psychonauts 2 begins, Razputin Aquato, a trained acrobat and psychic, has realized his dream to join the international spy organization, the Psychonauts, to discover who's really behind the kidnapping of the head of the operation. Peter says creating music for the different characters' minds that Raz can enter gave him almost unlimited scope for genres of music, because the mind is "the biggest stage there is."


Volume 1 of the Psychonauts 2 soundtrack can be preordered through Skill Tree Records.

Credit Top Dollar PR

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Peter McConnell

Psychonauts 2: The Quarry; Ford's Bowling Alley; Aquato Family Caravan; Psychonauts 2 Main Theme and Prologue; The Eye Shrine; Battle for the Senses; Cassie's Catacombs; Intern Hazing; Lady Luctopus

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