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Gina Zdanowicz And Spencer Bambrick Create Horror On A Budget

As part of this summer's Game Developers Conference, composers and audio designers Gina Zdanowicz and Spencer Bambrick of Serial Lab Sound presented a session on how they created a terrifying soundtrack and audio for the cult hit game Evil Nun on a microscopic budget.

Because their budget was so small, Gina and Spencer whittled down their ideas to make use of a limited number of musicians, and Gina roped in her nephew to provide the sound of breathing as the player is being hunted throughout a school by the Evil Nun of the title.

In our conversation, they also offer some really helpful suggestions for would-be composers and sound designers who want to move their careers further along.

Episode tracklist:

tracks composed by Spencer Bambrick

Evil Nun:  Chase Stinger I; Evil Nun; Chase Stinger 2; Corporal Punishment

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