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Music Interview: Lucy Antek Johnson Reconnects With Her Father and Toscanini


Samuel Antek was in the first violin section of the famed NBC Symphony Orchestra, created especially for superstar conductor Arturo Toscanini.  His account of what it was like to work with Toscanini is unique; one of the only memoirs from a member of the orchestra. Samuel's daughter Lucy Antek Johnson, a resident of Westport, Connecticut, has added her own memories of growing up with her father's stories of Toscanini, and published them in a new edition: This Was Toscanini: The Maestro, My Father and Me. 

Kate Remington talks with Lucy about her father, and what made Toscanini such a unique presence in the classical music world.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Kate Remington joined WSHU in December of 2000, and she's been WSHU's Music Director since 2002.