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Park City Wind

Dec 16, 2019
Michael Dwyer / AP

Bridgeport looks to become a hub for offshore wind in Connecticut, with its Park City Wind project expected to deliver 14% of the state’s electricity supply. That is, if the offshore wind farm can get federal approval. Our guests:

Hemp, Scallops And Kelp

Dec 12, 2019
Jon Kalish / NPR

New York has released new guidelines for how hemp and CBD products will be cultivated, processed and sold. The real trouble for farmers are new temporary federal guidelines that could classify the lion’s share of their product as illegal. Also, a scallop die-off on Long Island may receive help from the federal government. And the burgeoning kelp industry in Connecticut might be a bust. Our guests:

Week In News: December 13, 2019

Dec 12, 2019
Courtesy of from Pexels

New York faces a $6 billion budget deficit. Seven years of mourning for families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Long Island could save the national potato market. We’ll talk about these stories and more with guests:

Trade Schools

Dec 11, 2019
Charlie Neibergall / AP

High school students are encouraged to go off to college to start their futures, but manufacturers and trade groups have well-paying jobs, too. Is too much pressure put on students to bypass trade school? Our guests:

Shopping Small

Dec 10, 2019

Many Americans are shopping online or going to big box stores to find deals. It’s no wonder independent stores on Main Street struggle to survive. What can be done to save mom-and-pop shops and revitalize downtowns? Our guests: