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A lawsuit to restore $145 million to Connecticut’s renewable energy fund is moving forward. Attorneys presented the case’s first oral arguments in a district court in New Haven last week.

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More than 150 Democrats have formed a new caucus in Congress. It’s called the Expand Social Security Caucus. Connecticut Congressman John Larsen, one of the caucus leaders, says his party wants to protect the social safety net that comes out of workers’ paychecks.

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Connecticut's chief medical examiner says fentanyl-related overdose deaths in the state are set to increase 9 percent compared to last year.

Dr. James Gill released overdose figures for the first six months of the year on Thursday.  

The report shows a 15 percent drop in heroin overdose deaths and a rise in fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that’s 50 times more powerful than heroin.

There were 370 accidental deaths from January to June involving fentanyl. If that rate continues, there will be 740 such deaths this year.

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Starting Thursday, the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, wants to go BYOB…Bring Your Own Bag.

A ban on one-use plastic bags takes effect at grocery stores and other local merchants across the town this week.

Patricia Sesto, the director of environmental affairs for the town of Greenwich, says if people forget, say, their public radio tote bag, they can still get recycled paper ones. But she encourages them to

“Remember to bring your bag!”

Sesto says the idea is to stop plastic bags from washing up in Long Island Sound or clogging up town storm drains.

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The two major party nominees for governor of Connecticut used their first televised debate Wednesday night to try and define each other to voters. The debate took place at the Garde Arts Center in New London.