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Marty O'Donnell's Earliest Ideas For 'Music Of The Spheres'


Every composer approaches writing music differently, and few are willing to share their earliest sketches, but that's exactly what Marty O'Donnell has done in a series of fascinating videos in which we get to hear his earliest thoughts for the suite, Music of the Spheres, which he wrote as a prequel for Destiny, created by Bungie.

I had a deep dive with Marty into his composing process as we listened to these fascinating sketches and to the finished recordings performed by an orchestra.

Marty wanted to do more than just post the audio for each of these early sketches, so he created a simple way to explain his thought process for each one in iMovie.

Now that Marty has shared these early ideas for Music of the Spheres, he says he's tempted to have another rummage around his hard drives to see what other proto-music might be saved that would be interesting to fans and composers who are interested in the process.

A cover for Marty's Suite of Sketches designed by Owen A. Spence

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