Music Respawn with Kate Remington

WSHU Public Radio’s Kate Remington combines her love of classical music and video games in this series of informal conversations with composers and performers of game soundtracks. Plus, there’s lots of music in the interviews, so you can hear it for yourself!

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Jon Everist says the obvious choice for his soundtrack for BattleTech would have been pounding synths and walls of guitars, but since the game's story is so well written by the team at the studio Harebrained Schemes, it allowed Jon to really bring out the emotions of the characters

DONTNOT Entertainment

It's 1918, and London is in the grip of a terrible outbreak of the Spanish Flu. Dr. Jonathan Reid is a battlefield medic, but he's also been turned into a vampire, in DONTNOD Entertainment's newest game, Vampyr.  Composer Olivier Deriviere told me that the story and compelling characters gave him plenty of emotional inspiration to explore the doctor's conflicting drives of wanting to heal patients, while needing blood to survive.

Remember the first time you fell in love? That's the experience, heartbreak and all, that Mountains Studio creates with Florence, which follows a young woman through her first grown-up love affair. Kevin Penkin created an intimate soundtrack of chamber music, with a piano representing Florence, and a cello for the voice of her lover, Krish, who is actually a cellist in the game.