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Island hopping with John Robert Matz and his soundtrack for 'Tchia'


The founders of Awaceb Studio, Phil Crifo and Thierry Boura, used their home of New Caledonia in the Pacific as inspiration for their new game Tchia. The island archipelago and diverse cultures gave soundtrack composer John Robert Matz plenty of ideas for his music. John Robert even incorporated dried fern leaves that are traditionally used by the islanders for dances.

John Robert says composing this soundtrack gave him a chance to try new things, like writing songs in languages that aren't his, and creating darker cues to support the truly scary moments in the game.

In all, John Robert wrote over four hours of music, and has released a second album,Tchia "Beach Sides" that's like spending a day on the islands, complete with the sounds that the audio team of A Shell in the Pit created.

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by John Robert Matz

Tchia: The Sea Race; Chez Nous a Weliwele; Main Theme

Tchai: Beach Sides: Meditation

Tchia: Song I: O ngo eka; Totem Carving/Unlocking the Shrine; Overland Footrace; Sailing; The World; Song III Eni a ea; Hostage/The Sacrifice

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