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Doyle Donehoo's soundtrack for 'Aliens: Dark Descent' stays true to form

Focus Entertainment
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Way back when Doyle Donehoo saw the original Alien film during its first run in a theater, he always hoped he'd have a chance to compose his own soundtrack for a part of the Alien story. That chance came with an invitation from Focus Entertainment to provide the music for the real-time strategy game, Aliens: Dark Descent. Doyle spent time studying how the soundtracks by Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner (Aliens) were put together, and even pulled some of the non-instrumental sounds from Goldsmith's soundtrack to create, what he describes as a score that sounds like it's part of the Alien universe.

The game is set about 20 years after the events of Alien, features plenty of Xenomorphs to defeat. Doyle says he enjoyed creating the tense moments in the soundtrack when the player is being stealthy, as well as the high-energy combat encounters.

Doyle Donehoo
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Doyle Donehoo

Doyle says it's a great honor to contribute to the musical universe of Alien, and have his name included along with Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner.

Episode tracklist:
all tracks composed by Doyle Donehoo

Aliens: Dark Descent: Aliens: Dark Descent Main Theme; Alien First Encounter; That's Just Creepy; Revelations in the Dark (excerpt); They Keep Coming; Check Those Corners (excerpt); Desperate Escape

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