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Maclaine Diemer's soundtrack for Firmament has Myst's DNA

Cyan Worlds

One of the first games that hooked young Maclaine Diemer was Myst, from Cyan Studios. When a new game was announced by Cyan as a Kickstarter, Maclaine backed the project and was thrilled to become Firmament's composer. Maclaine puts Myst on his Mount Rushmore of games, and was aware of the musical legacy by Cyan's original composer Robyn Miller, who co-founded the studio with his brother Rand.

Firmament has plenty of Myst 's DNA, allowing the player to explore and solve puzzles and ultimately piece together a complicated story of what happened to the deserted world.

While the world of Firmament isn't part of the Myst story, Maclaine used the same synthesizer that Robyn Miller did, and cleverly reproduced some of the iconic sounds that made Myst so memorable.


Episode tracklist:

all tracks by Maclaine Diemer

Firmament: Remnants of Margot; Ascent to Curievale; Frozen Footsteps; Glacial Realm; Sulfuric Pools; Sun on St. Andrew; Deep in the Mines; Juleston

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