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A worldwide choir sings the Halo theme


The opening Monks Chant at the beginning of Halo, created by Bungie, is one of the most recognizable themes from a game, ever. So it was the obvious choice for the new Game Choir project dreamed up by choral conductor Ben England. Marty O'Donnell tells us about how he thought up the theme on his way to a recording session at co-composer Mike Salavori's studio as the soundtrack for a MacWorld presentation in 1999. It's been an essential part of the Halo series ever since.

The Halo Choir project invites anyone who's a fan of the theme and game to participate in this worldwide effort to create the largest choir to ever perform the opening eight measures of the theme. You can visit the site for coaching from Ben at 6:45 p.m. GMT 1/1:45 p.m. ET on Monday, July 10, and download a copy of the sheet music too.

Marty said he's honored to have created such a unique soundtrack that has inspired game composers ever since its release.

The final version of the Halo Choir project by Game Choir will be live streamed on August 16.

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