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New York AAA: Legalized Marijuana Poses A Risk To Traffic Safety

Image by Benjamin Thomas from Pixabay

The New York AAA is concerned about how the use of recreational marijuana will impact traffic safety now that it's legal in the state.

Regional president Tony Spada said residents that driving under the influence pose a huge risk to everyone on the road.

“They are significantly more likely to speed, text, intentionally run red lights, miss stop signs and basically just drive more aggressively than those that don’t,” Spada said.

AAA data shows that alcohol and marijuana pose similar dangers for drivers and pedestrians on the road. The motor club said odorless edibles will also become a problem when trying to detect if someone is under the influence.

Jeffrey Reynolds, executive director of the Family and Children’s Association on Long Island, joined the motor club to take issue with the state’s legalization without law enforcement having the technology to detect impaired drivers.

“If you look at a lot of controlled studies that have been done in driving simulation machines, that have been done on closed roadways, we know that marijuana impairment does limit your ability to operate a motor vehicle,” he said.