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Austin Wintory: Following 'Erica's' Every Move With Music

SIE and Flavourworks Studio

Austin Wintory loves a challenge! But he had no idea the level of granular music adaptations he'd have to write to keep his music as seamless as the action in the new full-motion video gameErica. Flavourworks, the studio behind Erica, gives the player interactive opportunities every 15-20 seconds, and the possibility of monumentally changing Erica's story, which meant Austin had to write many different versions of the same cue to keep up with the action of this intriguing thriller.

Austin tapped some of his favorite musicians to bring the music to life, including cellist Tina Guo, guitarist Tom Strahle, and vocalist Laura Intravia, in addition to working with orchestras in Nashville and Macedonia.


Even organizing the soundtrackhad unique challenges because there isn't just one definitive version of any of the themes, so Austin tried to avoid telling what he thought his version of this story should be.

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Austin Wintory, performed by orchestras in Macedonia and Nashville, and soloists including Uyanga Bold and Laura Intravia, vocals; Tina Guo, cello; Tom Strahle, guitars; and Ian Roller, tenor sax.

Erica: Grieve for no one; Delivery; A Lost Home; Know Thyself; Aria for Delphi; Apparitions; What is real; It's always been you; A gift; In death, be without sorrow

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