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Music Respawn! Austin Wintory's Epic And Whimsical Music For DeFormers

Ready at Dawn Studios

AustinWintory's music for DeFormers, from Ready at Dawn Studios, is a kaleidoscope of iconic sounds of Spaghetti Westerns and circus bands. He said his only direction from the studio was to make it fun, and he did!

Austin featured accordion virtuoso, Ksenija Sidorova, and built the music around her incredible ability to get to the heart of the music. In fact, he says she totally made him rethink the kind of playing that was possible on an accordion.


DeFormers is an old-school brawler, like Super Smash Brothers, or Soul Calibur, so without a story to follow with music, Austin created what he describes as a Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, crossed with Dr. Seuss, and he asked  actor Troy Baker to provide a witty commentary, with the backstories of the blobs that roll around and smash each other in the arenas.


Listening back to it now, Austin says he could never write music like that again, but he's so grateful to Andrea Pessino and the team at Ready at Dawn, who gave him the opportunity to try this crazy experiment.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks by Austin Wintory from DeFormers, featuring Ksenija Sidorova, accordion; Kristin Naigus, penny whistle & recorder; Scott Tenant, guitar; Tom Strahle, guitars & other instruments; Holly Sedillos, soprano; Ross Garen, chromatic harmonica; Daniel Alcheh, whistler; Phil Cobb, principal trumpet; Richard Edwards, principal trombone; Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

I Was Born for Squish, The Peculiar Partnership of Sue & Hamilton, Bovine-Ursine Animosity, Spherical Disharmony, The Transubstantiation of Patty, Gravity Crush, Globolar Vicissitude, Furgusson's Trib Waltz

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