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Gotta Play 'Em All! Trevor Gomes' Classic Pokémon Themes For Piano


Like lots of 10-year olds,Trevor Gomes was completely sucked into the world of Pokémon! Years later, he and a group of talented arrangers recreated all those happy memories of the classic Pokémon games with stunning piano arrangements and performances.

A successful Kickstarter campaign meant that all together, the album contains every single melody from the original Pokémon games: Yellow, Blue, Red and Green, plus some performances that feature pianist Kyle Landry. Trevor says his goal with every track was to stay true to its essence, while expanding on it and making it more sophisticated.

The album is available in Apple Music,Bandcamp, and through theMateria Collective.

Credit Nora Kristiansen: Cover art illustration

Episode tracklist

Junichi Masada: Pokémon Yellow, Blue, Red and Green: performed by Trevor Alan Gomes (with Kyle Landry where noted)

Welcome to the World of Pokémon (arr. Trevor Gomes); Pallet Town (arr. by Steven Mellin); Route 1: The Road to Viridian City (arr. by Trevor Gomes); Pokémon Center (arr. by Sebastien Skaf); Celedon City (arr. by Trevor Gomes); Lavender Town (arr. by Trevor Gomes);  Pokémon Game Theme with Kyle Landry, piano  (arr. by David Peacock); Pokémon Mansion (arr. by Trevor Gomes); Game Corner (arr. by David Russell) Jigglypuff's Song (arr. by Trevor Gomes); Animé Theme with Kyle Landry, piano  (composed by John Siegler, arr. by Trevor Gomes)

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