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Music Respawn! Wilbert Roget, II: Composing For Call Of Duty World War II Is A Dream Come True

Sledgehammer Games

Ever since he played the first Call of Duty in college, composing a score for the series and writing music for a game set during World War II have been dual career goals for Wilbert Roget, II. Those goals lined up when he was offered the chance to write the soundtrack for the newest game in the franchise: Call of Duty: World War II.


Wilbert told me that his goal with the music for this game was to keep the focus on a small, individual scale, rather than the more epic scores that other Call of Duty games have had in the past. He wrote for small ensembles, like string quartets, and individual instruments to make the music feel like it's in the first person, just as the player experiences the game. 

Credit Top Dollar PR
Top Dollar PR
Wilbert Roget, II

Thesoundtrack was completed in just over six months. Wilbert credits this success to the fact that for years, he'd been writing music for a World War II game as a "someday" project.

Episode Tracklist
Wilbert Roget, II: Call of Duty, World War II:

Cobra in the Hedgerow; The Wolves' Den; Tiger Hunt; Sever the Lifeline; No Sacrifice Too Great; Marigny; A Brotherhood of Heroes; The Shadow Under the Mountain; Berga; Ardennes; Birds of Prey

Performed by the Nashville Scoring Orchestra at Ocean Way Studios.

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