Penn Station Expansion ‘Exciting’ But Details Needed, Watchdog Group Says

Jan 8, 2020

An MTA watchdog group says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plans to transform Penn Station are “exciting,” but short on details. 

Cuomo has announced plans to increase Penn Station’s capacity by 40% with eight new tracks. He also wants the state to acquire the block south of Penn Station to create an interconnected train and subway complex. 

The Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA says in a statement that the project “will bring substantial regional benefits,” but wants more details on how much it will cost and how riders will be accommodated during construction. 

Cuomo has yet to lay out a timeline or suggest a price tag for the proposal. 

Penn Station is the busiest railroad hub in the country, with 650,000 daily weekday riders. Cuomo says the station opened 110 years ago with 21 tracks, and the eight new tracks would ease overcrowding.