Desiree D'Iorio

News Assistant

Born and raised in Connecticut, Desiree now calls Long Island home. She is WSHU’s 2019-2020 News Fellow, covering local government, the environment and public affairs on Long Island. She received her A.A. in Communications from Nassau Community College and B.A. in Journalism from Stony Brook University. Her past internships were at the Long Island Press and WSHU. In 2019, she co-wrote a four-part series about the Long Island Pine Barrens, bringing to listeners the sights and sounds of this unique ecosystem nestled in the heart of Suffolk County. There are 300 tabs open across her devices at all times. 

Desiree D'Iorio / WSHU

A decade-long fight over taxes at Long Island’s largest power station might be over soon. Northport schools and the Long Island Power Authority have reached a tentative agreement.

Nam Y. Huh

Businesses on Long Island lost jobs at a faster rate than the rest of New York. That’s according to a joint study by Nassau and Suffolk County auditors. Both county executives say federal help is the only way out. 

Sgt. Sarah D. Sangster / U.S. Army

New York Congressman Lee Zeldin has written to President Trump to urge him to expand a popular peer-to-peer support group for veterans that started on Long Island. 

Desiree D'Iorio / WSHU

On Long Island, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced bipartisan support for a plan to expand benefits for veterans who suffer from Agent Orange-related diseases.

Mike Groll / AP

Bail reform advocates in New York have released a report that criticizes state senators from Long Island for taking campaign contributions from law enforcement unions.