Music Respawn! Darren Korb: Herding The Moving Parts In Pyre

Oct 7, 2016

Pyre screenshot
Credit Supergiant Games

Darren Korb is the composer and sound designer for Supergiant Games. Pyre is their most ambition project yet, and as we'll hear, Darren channeled his love of classic rock for the soundtrack.

Although he's a gifted composer and performer, making the switch from gamer to heading up the music and sound design for Supergiant on their first game, Bastion, he had a pretty steep learning curve. Like the Kid in Bastion, Darren took it one step at a time.

Bastion screenshot
Credit Supergiant Games

The team at Supergiant is small, and they put a lot of pressure on themselves to raise the bar with every new game. Transistor, their second game, featured an operatic story, a lot of which was told in songs, since the main character, Red, is a singer.

There are advantages though. As Darren explains, "It's really cool to just have everybody in charge of their thing, and then be excited with whatever they come up with! That's really awesome!"

Red, Transistor's main character
Credit Supergiant Games

Pyre is expected to ship in 2017.

Episode Tracklist:

Darren Korb: Pyre: Forbidden Knowledge

Bastion: Faith of Jevel

Pyre: In the Flame

                                                                               Bastion: Spike on a Rail

                                                                               Transistor: The Spine (Feat. Ashley Barrett)


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