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Music Respawn

Music Respawn! Chad Seiter Gets To The Heart Of ReCore

Microsoft Studios

Waking after centuries of cryo-sleep, Joule Adams discovers nothing has gone according to plan in ReCoreChad Seiter wrote a lush, optimistic score for this new game from legendary developer Keiji Inafune and the team that made Metroid Prime. Our conversation touched on how he approached the challenges of writing the score, and why writing music for boss battles is his favorite part.

Chad drew on his experience working with legendary film composer Michael Giacchino, who advised him to get to the heart of the story with his music. He says the quality he most admires in the character of Joule is her optimism, which influenced his soundtrack.

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Although he loves the sound of the cello, and used it in the soundtrack, Chad said he really was impressed by the horn players of London's Philharmonia Orchestra, and how they brought a heroic quality to his music. He says, "Sometimes I listen to them and think, maybe too much? But the epic coolness of them! I think it worked out pretty well."

Episode Tracklist:
Chad Seiter: ReCore:

Main Theme

ReCore Trailer

All Who Wake Must Die

Not Alone Out Here

The Eden Tower

Dust Devil


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