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Respawn! Robyn Miller Reveals His New Music for Obduction

Cyan Worlds

What if you could re-live the sense of wonder and mystery from the landmark game "Myst?" Cyan Worlds, co-founded by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, is bringing it back with their game "Obduction," which releases this August. Robyn came on board to provide the music, and in one of his first interviews about his "Obduction" OST,  I talked to him about what we can expect from this master of beautiful, memorable soundtracks. And we'll hear a preview of one of the tracks for "Obduction."

Robyn explained that one of the challenges is that he hasn't been on the team from the beginning so he's playing catch up, but coming up to speed quickly to determine what kind of music "Obduction" needs. Nothing has been leaked so far except for one track. In fact, even the music used in the teaser trailer is an older piece by Robyn:

The entire sountrack is available on Robyn's Bandcamp page

Robyn has used what he learned writing those iconic soundtracks for "Myst" and "Riven" to create a distinctive sound for each area of "Obduction." 

Myst's starting point

He says the best thing about being part of the team bringing "Obduction" to life is having a chance to work with his brother, Rand, again. 

"We've talked about potential future projects, and even designed stuff. That sort of back-and-forth between the two of us has really been enjoyable," he elaborates.

So, the story continues.....

Episode track list:

Robyn Miller: Myst opening theme

Robyn Miller: Vapor from "Ambo: 1000 Years and One Day"

Robyn Miller: Riven: Temple

Robyn Miller: Obduction: History Lesson

Robyn Miller: Myst: Planetarium

Production assistance from Ann Lopez and Sam Roberts

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