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Music Respawn! Greg Edmonson: How Firefly Led To Uncharted

Barnes and Noble

Greg Edmonson said he was thrilled with new vinyl releases of some of his favorite projects, the OSTs of Firefly and Uncharted 1-3. In our conversation you'll find out how his unique fusion of multi-cultural music has taken him on an incredible journey.

Credit Barnes and Noble
Firefly vinyl cover

Adapting the soundtrack for both projects has been a labor of love. Greg won a BAFTA award for his innovative soundtrack for Uncharted 2, and he said that Sony re-mastered the music for the vinyl release from iam8bit, so the sound would be the same from album to album for all three LPs in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Combined with sophisticated cover art, the result is stunning! Firefly is available through Barnes and Noble.

Credit Top Dollar PR
Greg Edmonson

Episode tracklist:

Greg EdmonsonFirefly
Bar Fight, The Funeral, River's Perception, Caper, Spaceball, River Understands Simon

Uncharted 2:
Drake's Return, Broken Paradise, Marco Polo, Nate's Theme, Reunion

Uncharted 3:
Badlands, The Setup, Something Better


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