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Music Respawn

Music Respawn! Jesse Harlin Digs Into the Blues for Mafia III


Mafia III is set in New Bordeaux, a fictional New Orleans, in 1968. In his soundtrack, Jesse Harlin created a swampy, bluesy sound to give the setting its unique character. But, as he explains, it wasn't the first music he sent the devs at Hangar 13.

As the long-time composer for Lucas Arts, Jesse had plenty of opportunities to write big orchestral scores, but he said the music for Mafia III gave him a welcome chance to try something really different. In addition to working with amazing session musicians in Nashville, he found an ensemble of traditional step-dancers, and recorded their percussive sounds. Then a cellist brought in his instrument, built in the 1700s.  As Jesse described it, "Older than America!" Blending all those unique sounds was an incredible, fun challenge.

Episode Tracklist:

Jesse Harlin: Mafia III

No One is Untouchable

New Bordeaux

That's the Plan, Padre

A Kind of Peace

For Old Time's Sake

Jim Bonney: Mafia III:

Shudder N Moan

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