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Charles is a radio reporter, story teller, Excel ninja, database grasshopper and loves to FOIL records. He's worked for NPR, Deutche Welle, Radio Netherlands, Soundprint, Penthouse, the Religion News Service and the Catholic World Report. He's won three SPJ Public Service Awards, a National Murrow and was a finalist for the Livingston Award for Young Journalists. He once did 8Gs in a stunt plane, caught a 10-foot wave (briefly) and dove 40 meters on a single breath. Charles is extraordinarily friendly so don't hesitate to contact.

Pine Barrens Commission To Review Impact Of Proposed Luxury Golf Development

May 16, 2019
The Turducken / Flickr

The state commission in charge of protecting the Long Island Pine Barrens reaffirmed its authority to review a possible 600-acre golf course and housing development in East Quogue. This pleased environmentalists who were concerned that developers were trying to evade scrutiny.

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

After a three-week hearing, a federal judge is expected to rule soon on whether to block the town of Islip from holding primaries in June.

Charles Lane / WSHU

Jennifer Halsey Dupree’s peaches are just now starting to blossom. She owns a 60-acre orchard on eastern Long Island. Right now, the work is tranquil, trimming branches and maintaining the rows and rows of bright pink trees.

U.S. Census Bureau

The state commission set up to make sure all New Yorkers are counted in the 2020 Census has been plagued with delays, vacant positions and a budget half of what was requested by state legislators. And now some commissioners are worried the task force won’t be able to allocate money until June.

Susan Walsh / AP

Republican Peter King and Democrat Tom Suozzi have a “Grand Compromise” that will build the border wall, resolve the legal limbo for Dreamers, settle the political dispute over people with Temporary Protective Status, and bring millions of immigrants out from the shadows. All this without costing taxpayers anything.