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Progressive New York Lawmakers Push For More Progressive State Tax System


Progressive lawmakers continue to push a package of bills that would change the way New Yorkers are taxed. They want to bring the bills to the budget negotiation table, before the state’s March 31 deadline.

Assemblyman Fred Thiele of Sag Harbor is an Independent who caucuses with Democrats.

"Main Street has suffered; Wall Street not so much. As we try to get through these troubles, those who have still benefited perhaps still should be the ones still paying. As was mentioned New York has one of the flattest income taxes there are out there this is an opportunity to make that more progressive," Thiele said.

The “Invest in Our New York Act,” would help create a progressive income tax, put taxes on capital gains and increase taxes for billionaires and corporations.

Educators say a progressive tax plan proposed in New York would help high tax communities on Long Island pay for public education.

Lars Clemensen is the superintendent of schools for Hampton Bays.

"But I also want my kids to be competitive. And I know that my colleague districts where the tax rates are lower, they can offer their kids enrichment activities in engineering and stem based experiences and all of those things I want to be able to offer that as well. And then additional dollars would help my community taxpayers," Clemensen said.

The $50 billion gained from the taxes would be used to support education, pay for healthcare and close the state budget deficit. Lawmakers in committee will vote on the legislation in April.