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New York Hospitals To Work Collectively To Fight Coronavirus, Sharing Supplies And Staff

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Elmhurst Hospital, a public hospital in Queens, is at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says hospitals in the state will begin sharing supplies, workers and patients.

Cuomo met with the Greater New York Hospital Association and says private hospitals across the state will begin taking patients from New York City’s public hospital network. He says the city’s hospitals are bearing the bulk of the COVID-19 patients and will begin transferring them outside of the city.

“And do it immediately. Do it on a daily basis. One hospital is starting to overload, distribute transfer. Before that happens, transfer people to one of the hospitals that has more vacancies and less load. Distribute the load.”

The head of the private hospital association, Kenneth Raske, says there are no legal restrictions to sharing patients and that all hospitals will begin working as a cohesive whole. Cuomo says this partnership will also include the stockpiling and purchasing of supplies. Cuomo says hospitals and governments are bidding against each other. For example, he says, the price for a ventilator has jumped more than $30,000…if you can find one for sale. 

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