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CBD Regulation Bill Still Uncertain In New York

Gillian Flaccus

As the United States Department of Agriculture releases regulations and guidelines on CBD and the cultivation of hemp plants, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet to sign the New York State bill that regulates CBD.

The bill would require formal testing of salable CBD products and labels listing the substances in them. 

It also would set up guidelines for the state’s farmers to grow hemp and share in the profits that come from the increasingly popular product.

Organic hemp farmer David Falkowski says that the guidelines will restrict the industry. 

“The one thing that is not great for basically the hemp industry as we know it today, at least cannabinoid hemp for CBD, are the guidelines for sampling and testing, and the way they have defined things, and the THC limits and how they have defined their calculations. It will basically end CBD production as we know it.”  

Cuomo is currently working with three neighboring states to craft a comprehensive bill on cannabis use and vaping that could be ready for a vote in 2020.