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New York State And Long Island Officials Meet For Cybersecurity Summit

Courtesy of Pixabay

New York State and Long Island government officials held a cybersecurity summit Wednesday to share strategies on how to protect data from being hacked.

The summit comes after two Long Island school districts were hacked over the summer and their data held for ransom. One school paid nearly $90,000 to access its server.

New York Attorney General Letitia James says state laws need to be modernized to deal with these issues.

“Unfortunately, you know, New York State laws have not caught up to the 21st century, and it is critically important that we review the laws in the state legislature to ensure the privacy of New Yorkers is protected.”

Speakers at the cybersecurity summit said that reacting to these attacks is just one part of the strategy. Another is to teach people security methods to make it less likely the attacks happen at all.

Jay Shah is a former Long Island bureau chief at WSHU.
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