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Gareth Coker Hangs Out With Gods In 'Immortals Fenyx Rising'

Gaming Bolt, Ubisoft

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, created by Ubisoft, Typhon has taken away the Greek Gods' immortal powers, and in a bet with Zeus, Prometheus believes that a mere mortal, Fenyx, will be able to restore the powers Typhon has stolen. Soundtrack composer Gareth Coker says it was a fantastic experience to work with the developers at Ubisoft to create a score that fits the fantasy feel of the game, while including traditional Greek instruments for color.

Just like the game's hero Fenyx, Gareth had his own challeges to overcome, including creating music for an open-world game in which the player can walk, fly or ride a horse to get from one area of the Golden Isle to another.  This involved writing cues that could instantly adapt to different speeds, while maintaining the same unique sound indentity for each of the gods' areas.


Getting the instruments exactly right put Gareth on a quest to acquire traditional ancient Greek instruments, which he finally tracked down to one of Greece's only remaining luthiers who crafts lyres just as they were made in ancient times. Gareth commssioned three lyres, as well as an aulos, which was played by wind virtuoso Kristin Naigus. 

Working on Immortals stretched Gareth as a composer, but he says he's so happy with the result and now has more skills that he can put to use on future soundtracks.

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Gareth Coker, performed by Gareth with Kristin Naigus, aulos and wind instruments, and Kelsey Mira, vocals

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Grove of Kleos, Aphrodite's Palace; Dianoia; Aulos of Tartaros; the Forgeland; Medusa the Mythical Gorgon; Kottos the Mythical Hekatonchires; the Archives; Hermes's Trials

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