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Music Respawn! Gareth Coker Mines Greek And Chinese Mythology


Gareth Coker says that when Microsoft asked if he'd like to write the score for two new Minecraft expansions, he took "about half a second" to say yes! I talked with him at MAGFestabout his soundtracks for Minecraft:  Greek Mythology and Minecraft: Chinese Mythology. Gareth had years to write his beloved score for Ori and the Blind Forest, but as he explained, he wrote both new scores in about a month.

Gareth explained that he was incredibly impressed by the epic structures in the Ancient Chinese Mythology expansion.

Gareth said the biggest challenge was coming up with music that captured the locations, and iconic feel of these ancient cultures, but once he "reverse-engineered" the music, the rest was easy! And working on these scores gave him the chance to reunite with incredible soprano Aeralie Brighton.

Episode tracklist:

Gareth Coker: Minecraft:  Greek Mythology: Hermes-Messenger of the Gods, Song of Seikilos, Demeter-God of Farming, Hephaestus-God of the Forge, Poseidon-God of the Sea, Apollo-God of Music and the Lyre

Minecraft:  Chinese Mythology: Kunlun Mountains, Xuanzang, Jinshan Temple

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