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Gareth Coker Scores Ori's Next Adventure In 'Will Of The Wisps'

Moon Studios

Ori and the Will of the Wisps by Moon Studios continues the adventure begun with the beloved Ori and the Blind Forest. Will of the Wisps takes Ori on an emotional journey as he searches for his new friend, Ku.  Gareth Coker, who also scored Blind Forest, told me that writing the score for Will of the Wisps gave him plenty of fresh ideas because of all of the new characters in the game.

Gareth was part of development of Will of the Wisps since the game's beginning, which gave him plenty of time to finetune themes for each of the new characters. Gareth worked with some outstanding musicians, including Kristin Naigus, who plays 21 different wind instruments on the score, and vocalist Aeralie Brighton, whose voice was so memorable in Ori and the Blind Forest.


The digital release of Gareth's soundtrack is over three hours long, and follows the story arc of the game. A vinyl release by IAM8Bit is planned as well, and because LPs hold fewer minutes of music, Gareth describes it as "composer's choice," that includes the best tracks from the soundtrack.

Credit topdollarpr.com
Gareth during a recording session at AIR Lyndhurst Studios in London

Episode tracklist:

All tracks by Gareth Coker

performers include Kristin Naigus, winds and Aeralie Brighton, vocals; Philharmonia Orchestra and Pinewood Voices; the full list of performers is on Gareth's Bandcamp

Ori and the Will of the Wisps: A Keepsake from the Past; We Named Her Ku; Kwolock's Hollow; Ash and Bone; Shriek; Shiek and Ori; Howl; Shadows of Mouldwood; Luma Pools; Seperated By the Storm; Now Use the Light, We Want to See; Main Theme; Burrowing; Mora the Spider; Ku's First Flight

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