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Eric Hamel Finds Austen's Wit and Sarcasm Perfect For A Strategy Game


As a character in one of Jane Austen's witty novels, you need all the help you can get to achieve your goal. That's the inspiration behind the strategy game, Austen Translation, created by the studio Worthing & Moncrieff. Luckily for you, the music will give you feedback to let you know how you're doing against your rivals, as Eric Hamel explained in his session at the Game Developers Conference, and when I chatted with him after the session.

Austen Translation takes Jane Austen's biting wit and satire into a new century, with outrageous behavior from all concerned. It seems Jane Austen herself might have been a gamer; there are some who think that she understood game theory, from the clever strategies used by her characters to achieve their goals (or not!) 


Eric said although music that could be played on a piano was the ultimate choice for the soundtrack, he borrowed ideas from other composers as well, including Richard Wagner. Astute players will let the music help them vanquish their rivals, and achieve the ultimate goal in Jane Austen's universe: a wedding!

Austen Translation release on May first on Steam.

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Austen Translation: Main Theme; A Charming Chamber, A Witty Waltz, The Ruthless Hunt

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