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Jason Graves' Mouse-Sized Music For Moss


Enthusiastic animal lover Jason Graves jumped at the chance to create the soundtrack for Moss, a virtual reality game created by Polyarc Games.  He says he was brought in so early in the process that there was only concept art and a few videos of Quill, the lovable but fierce mouse heroine of the story, but he knew immediately that he wanted to write the music for her epic adventure!

It's your job as the player to help Quill solve puzzles and fight tough enemies, and right from the beginning, it's easy become comfortable in  Quill's mouse-size world.  Jason says he was careful with his instrumentation, so it wouldn't overwhelm the scale of either Quill or her world, even though she has a huge journey ahead.


During the whole creative process, Jason worked closely with Polyarc's Audio Director, Stephen Hodde, to tune the music to the sound design and vice versa, so experiencing Quill's world would be completely immersive.

Working with singer Malukah, as well as oboist/flutist Kristin Naigus and violinist Jeff Ball was also a wonderful experience, Jason told me.  In fact, he wrote more music than Polyarc initially asked for, just so he could hear them all perform!

An official soundtrack release is coming soon, but in the meantime, Polyarc has made three of the tracks available to listen to in SoundCloud.

Credit polyarc.com
Quill, the heroine of Moss

Episode tracklist:

All tracks by Jason Graves,

Moss: Twofold; The Clearing; Last Respite; Home to Me (feat. Malukah); Cinder Skies; Legends Old and New; Thickets and Bloom; Sarffog's Domain; I'm Not Alone

Performers include Kristin Naigus, oboe and flute, Jeff Ball, violin, and Jason Graves, celtic harp, hammer dulcimer, percussion and other instruments

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