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Music Respawn! Gareth Coker Has Fun With Dinosaurs In ARK: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard

Gareth Coker's massive soundtrack for ARK: Survival Evolved is as huge as the dinosaurs you can train and battle! As he told me, developing the music while the game was in early access provided all kinds of unexpected challenges.">

Gareth says composing the soundtrack for a huge 93-piece orchestra and recording it in Abbey Road's gigantic Studio One was a dream come true! He put the stellar Philharmonia Orchestra through their paces with his epic boss battle music, but, he says, they all brought their A Game when it came time to record the track for the final boss, The Overseer. In fact, they nailed it 12 minutes!

Credit Benjamin Ealovega (courtesy of Top Dollar PR)
Recording session with Gareth at Abbey Road, Studio One

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Gareth Cokerperformed by the Philharmonia Orchestra

ARK: Survival Evolved: ARK: Battle March; Main Theme; The Overseer; Scaling the Island's Peaks; The Southern Islands; The Broodmother; The Dragon

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Thanks to Greg O'Connor-Read, Top Dollar PR

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