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Music Respawn! Darren Korb's Songs Are the Story In Pyre

Supergiant Games

The only way to escape from the Downside, where you begin your journey in Pyre, is through a series of battles against other bands of exiles known as The Rites.

Pyre is the most ambitious game yet from Supergiant Games. Its three-year development gave composer and Audio Director Darren Korb plenty of time to create a unique identity for the music. As he told me, his overall concept was to give the soundtrack the feel of a band of troubadours accompanying you on your journey.

Pyre's gameplay offers lots of different outcomes for characters, and Darren used every opportunity to create multiple versions of the songs, which he collaborated on with Ashley Barrett. In fact, he said there are nine different versions of the song, Never to Return, depending on which characters remain after a skirmish in The Rites.


If you happen to be lucky enough to have a badge for Pax West, September 1st-4th, the crew from Super Giant, including Darren, will be there so he invites you to stop by, try out the game, and say hi.

Episode Tracklist

All tracks by Darren Korb, performed by Darren

Pyre: Path to Glory; Surviving Exile; New Union; Thrash Pack; Life Sentence; Grand Ceremony; Never to Return (feat. Ashley Barrett); Downside Ballad; Bound Together (feat. Ashley Barrett)

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