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Music Respawn! The Academic Side Of GTA 5

Rockstar Games

Barnabas Smith of Adelaide, Australia, is a ludomusicologist. What is that, you ask? It's the scholarly study of video game music! Smith is applying his research to delve deep into the open-world music of Grand Theft Auto 5 and analyze how it seamlessly blends a great score by Woody Jackson and Tangerine Dream and others with hundreds of licensed songs. 

As he explains in our conversation, there's more to GTA 5 than it first appears:

Barnabas reckons he's spent hundreds of hours in the world of GTA 5, and there's still more to discover! In fact, the way the music is used in the game is so complex, he needs to develop a whole new way of studying it!

Episode Tracklist

Woody Jackson & Tangerine Dream: Grand Theft Auto 5: We Were Set Up

Jessica Curry: Everybody's Gone to the RaptureA Choice

Jason Graves: The Order, 1886: Agamemnon Rising

Woody Jackson & Tangerine Dream: Grand Theft Auto 5: Minor Turbulence, Agency Heist

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