Sabrina Garone


Less than 1% of Connecticut state employees have been let go or placed on unpaid leave. Governor Hochul defends eliminating religious exemptions from vaccines, Connecticut republicans want to crack down on juvenile crime, and the TikTok challenge that’s got local students and parents concerned.

  U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin of eastern Long Island has support from nearly all local Republican leaders to run for governor of New York. Governor Hochul is the frontrunner, though, for next year’s election. How some Yale students are working to help discharged veterans, and lawmakers say TCI needs public pressure to pass.


The mayor of West Haven says she uncovered multiple “improper” payouts of federal Coronavirus relief money. New York healthcare workers can apply for religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine. President Biden will make a trip to Connecticut later this week, and Indigenous People’s Day replaced some Columbus Day celebrations around the country.

SUNY doesn’t have the power to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all of its employees. Online sports betting in Connecticut kicks off tomorrow, a state lawmaker defends her controversial comment about the governor, and the impacts of “Don’s Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Wastewater runoff from this summer’s storms has pushed large amounts of nitrogen into Long Island’s waterways. States in our region team up to prevent crime, Governor Hochul shares how the opioid crisis has impacted her family, and how New London is celebrating the history of its black community.