Contaminated Water

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The Town of Riverhead, Long Island, has filed a suit against three companies for allegedly contaminating the town’s drinking water supply.

Historic Grummand Corp Sign
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Advocates at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) want more studies that explore how PFAS exposure may affect COVID-19 severity and vaccine efficacy. Toxicoligists say they are concerned about communities with high traces of so-called forever chemicals in drinking water, because residents may get sicker with Coronavirus and may respond less to the COVID-19 vaccine.

East Quogue Set For PFAS Clean-Up

Nov 5, 2020
East Quogue Pine Barrens
Joshua Joseph

The Town of Southampton says it will clean up a 10-acre landfill in East Quogue (kwag), Long Island, where toxic chemicals are found.

EPA Inches Toward PFAS Drinking Water Regulation

Feb 27, 2020

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken the next step toward setting drinking water limits for two PFAS chemicals — PFOA and PFOS. Environmentalists say the step is small and they want to see quicker, bolder action.

Historic Grummand Corp Sign
Frank Eltman / AP

The defense manufacturer Grumman knew for decades that its facility was contaminating the groundwater in Bethpage and neighboring Long Island communities.