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N.Y. Attorney General Confident Supreme Court Will Rule Against Trump On Census

Courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau

New York is leading a coalition of states and local governments in arguments before the Supreme Court against the Trump administration’s attempts to exclude undocumented immigrants from the Census data used to draw congressional districts.

Oral arguments are being heard this week, and New York Attorney General Letitia James told reporters on a conference call that there is much at stake…

"There’s a possibility that we could lose representatives in the House in Congress. There’s a possibility that we could lose resources, and less representation in Congress and less resources being allocated to communities that need it most, basically will set a dangerous precedent,” James said.

James said the Constitution and the Census Act are “crystal clear,” and that every person residing in the United States on Census day, regardless of legal status, must be counted.

She said she’s confident their challenge will prevail.