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Gareth Coker's Music Has Evolved Along With 'Ark: Genesis Part 2'

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ARK: Genesis Part 2 wraps up a story that's been many years in the making by Studio Wildcard. Soundtrack composer Gareth Coker says he never imagined that the game series would not only continue for so long, but that it would also become an animated series, and spawn a sequel: ARK II. As Genesis Part 2 wraps up, the arch-nemesis Edmund Rockwell has become integrated into the ship that houses the last of humanity, and some incredible dinosaurs.

Once again, Gareth was able to use a large orchestra, including 24 brass players, and record at London's famed Abbey Road Studios. He says the guidance he gave to get a huge sound from the brass section was to imagine "dinosaurs in space."


Gareth says that although players might have been drawn to the ARK series initially because they can tame dinosaus, or battle them, the developers realized they have a great story to tell, and the first part of ARK is in development as an animated series featuring A-List voice actors including David Tennant and Vin Diesel

Gareth is drawing on the familiar themes he wrote for ARK: Survival Evolved for the series soundtrack, and is also busy creating the soundtrack for the next chapter in the game with ARK II!

Episode tracklist: 

all tracks composed by Gareth Coker

ARK: Genesis Part 2: 

Intro; Main Theme; Rockwell's Garden I; Rockwell's Proliferation

Journey's End; Rockwell Postlude; 

ARK II: Main Theme

ARK: Genesis Part 2: Epilogue

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