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John Swihart's Music Is As Vivid As 'Far Cry New Dawn's' Post-Apocalyptic World


Seventeen years have passed since the nuclear explosion that ends Far Cry 5, and in that time Nature has reclaimed the landscape. So have some really nasty Highwaymen who aim to bring all the survivors under their control! John Swihart and co-composer Tyler Bates created a soundtrack for Far Cry New Dawnthat plays off the ideas of instruments made from scavenged parts, and the vibrancy of the Super Bloom.


John says the concept art and ideas that the dev team at Ubisoft gave him and Tyler helped them design the music to capture the emptiness and lawlessness of the Old West combined with the grittiness of the characters.


John has a long list of film and television credits to his name, including Napoleon Dynamite and How I Met Your Mother, but New Dawn is his first game soundtrack. He says creating the music with Tyler, his long-time friend, was like making an album, rather than writing a series of short cues for a film or TV soundtrack. He loved the freedom to experiment and how the team at Ubisoft made the experience rewarding and fun, so hopefully this will be the first of many game soundtracks.

Episode tracklist

All tracks composed and performed by Tyler Bates and John Swihart

Far Cry New Dawn: New Dawn (Main Theme); 17 Years Later; Hope County; Problem Makers; Superbloom; Deep Cover; Saw Launcher; No Future; Hope County (Remix)

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