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Grant Kirkhope Stretches His Wings As A Film Composer


Writing the score for the award-winning animated short film The Wrong Rock gave BAFTA-nominated composer Grant Kirkhope a chance to spread his wings and offer an enjoyable change of pace from a busy year composing game soundtracks. As Grant told me, getting the perfect theme for Martin, the courageous mushroom who didn't fit in on his home rock, was the key that unlocked the music. 

Grant says he enjoyed the different challenges writing a film score presented, including having the music exactly fit the visuals in the film, even if it meant cutting out just two seconds of music to make it perfect!

Through its simple story, The Wrong Rock, created by award-winning film maker Michael Cawood, explores prejudice, finding an environment where you feel comfortable and working up your courage to make a significant change. 

The film was shown at a number of festivlas, and it's now available online:


Grant's soundtrack is also available onlineand he says, "Watch the film! Make the 13 minutes during your day; you'll enjoy it!"

Episode tracklist:

All tracks by Grant Kirkhope

The Wrong Rock: The Wrong Rock; To the Rock; Martin Sets Sail; Jump for It; Dispair Turns to Hope; Voyage of the Mushrooms

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