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Inon's Zur's 'Into the Storm' Is A Gift For His Fans

As a newly-signed artist to Sony Masterworks, Inon Zur's first project is Into the Storm, an album of songs inspired by the fantasy world of his music for Dragon Age

As he told me, the album is dedicated to his fans, and they'll find the music on the album both welcoming and familiar.

The album features some of the amazing artists Inon has worked with over the years as a game composer, including Aeralie Brighton, Mimi Page, Aubrey Ashburn, Arielle, Viodance and Michelle Packman, May Claire La Plante, and Lisbeth Scott, as well as Tina Guo and Caroline Campbell, whose performances were captured in the music video for the title track.

The album will be released on June 7th, but it's available forpre-order now. 

Episode tracklist: 

Inon Zur: Dragon Age Origins: I Am The One (feat. Aubrey Ashburn)

Inon Zur: Into the Storm: Into the Storm (feat. Tina Guo, cello, Caroline Campbell, violin); Shelaya (feat. Aubrey Ashburn) and the City of Prague Philharmonic

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