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Painting The City With Sam Marshall's Music In 'Concrete Genie'


In the soon-to-be-released Concrete Genie from studio Pixel Opus, and publisher Sony, Sam Marshall's music gives you the power to create a unique soundtrack with a multitude of sounds as you cover the walls of a rundown city with a magic paintbrush. 

At this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, I caught up with Sam after his session about  creating a truly interactive soundtrack for this gorgeous game.

Ash, the main character in Concrete Genie, is a sensitive boy who's bullied by the older, tougher kids in the port city that's fallen on hard times. After heading down what proved to be the wrong path with his music, Sam developed the sound for what he calls the "pillars" of the game: childhood wonder, growing maturity and magic, using a flute, a cello and classic synth sounds.


Concrete Genie releases this fall, and Sam says there will be plans to release a soundtrack as well. 

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Sam Marshall: Concrete Genie: Trailer Music

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