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John Robert Matz: Leaving Room For The Unexpected In 'For The King'


For the King, developed by Iron Oak Games, takes players on a challenging adventure in a brutal kingdom in the midst of chaos. It's the player's mission to restore order and ensure the security of the widowed Queen. Composer John Robert Matz told me he was thrilled to create the soundtrack because it gave him the chance to fulfill a long-held dream to write music for a fantasy game.

Because For the King is an open-world game, which allows the players to roam anywhere, anything can (and does!) happen on their adventures. John Robert says it was a fun challenge to create music that had the ability to change quickly to match what the players are doing, and allow for the unexpected.">

To make the most of his very small budget, John Robert played all the instruments himself. In fact, he even created a new instrument, the "hosaphone," which he used for a noble, slightly wild French horn sound.

Like many composers, John Robert is also busy on other projects, including soundtracks for Ambition, A Minuet in Power, set during the French Revolution, and Mythgard, a fantasy card game. You can hear previews of both of those in this episode!

Episode tracklist

All tracks composed and performed by John Robert Matz

For the King: The Guardian Forest; The Golden Plains; The Parched Wastes; The Burning Forest; The Jungle Falls; Chaos Gathers; In Volcanic Caverns; Temple of the Kraken; The Queen's Mission; For the King; Combat Most Dire

Ambition: A Minuet in Power: Main Theme

Mythgard: Main Theme

For the King: A Dervish of a Skirmish

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